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We provide deep crypto market analysis with our concentrated twitter alerts focusing on the best traders on twitter and have many traders in the community who have years of experience trading 7/8 figures. Helped us capitalize on key events like Luna, FTX and many more volatile times like during CPI days and macro events. 


We have separate NFT Mint Alert channels for: 


- Daily mints


- Projects that are currently minting


- Free mints that are ongoing


- 10 minutes and hourly mint summaries


- When smart wallets we track mint a NFT. 


We built an  alerts aggregator that aggregates alpha from many different tools such as: 

- Insider Elite bot

- HypeBot Prelaunch alpha

- EchoBot Leverage Calls

And many more being added regularly.


Through our VISPX partnership, we are able to invest the ICOs on their platform in the executive partner round sales.


Twitter is one of the best sources of alpha. But also a place where 90% of the posts are just noise and has a lot of scams and bots on there. We have segregated channels that follow the best accounts in the following topics: 

- News

- Crypto 

- Shitcoins

- NFTs

- Airdrops

so we can properly sort through all the alpha and get the info we want. 

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